In our Special Needs Enrichment Program children participate in a number of activities that are catered specifically to them. The children are encouraged to participate in these activities by their 1 to 1 volunteer and the wonderful teachers that develop the curriculum for our program. Each of these learning centers enhances developmental skills for our special needs participants.

Occupational Therapy
This learning center takes place in either a group or individual setting with activities that provide movement and sensory exploration. This center helps students to explore gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, motor-planning skills, flexibility and balance.

Music and Reading Center
Our Music and Reading Center provides music and reading appreciation for our students while helping them with their social development in a group atmosphere. This center will expose your child to enjoyable children’s literature, rhythmic coordination through music, relaxation and focus through calming musical exercises, and practicing songs and dance routines.

Computer Room
Students will work individually with their volunteer on their own PC using special needs learning software. This class will help your child to gain computer, keyboard, and mouse skills among other things. Students at this center explore special needs educational computer programs and graduate to new programs as the weeks pass. Our software will provide your child with enriching academic exercises in math, reading comprehension, and language.

Adaptive Physical Education and Sports
Our Physical Education Center gives our children the opportunity to get outside and get moving. Students will be involved in whole body coordination exercises while in this center. They will have the opportunity to develop various ball skills and will be exposed to a number of sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, and badminton. In this center we will also enhance the concept of team activities and provide fun games to help the children with their social and gross motor development.

Integrated Play and Social Group helps special needs children with the difficult task of gaining social skills. In this class teachers play social skills games and offer social activities to children in a safe and structured environment supervised by a qualified special needs teacher.

Integrated Play and Social Group
In this center students are organized and put in the same classroom as other children their same age. Special needs students are also paired with their typical peers in this class where social skills, play skills, and language development are emphasized. This center will also offer students the opportunity to play fun games and exercise their mind and body.

The After School Program provides a safe and educationally enriching after school opportunity for special needs children throughout the academic year.

Integrated After School Program
Special needs children can come here after school where they will receive assistance with their homework to completion and will also receive guidance on comprehension of their homework. Tutoring is also available when needed for children enrolled in this program. In addition, after school snacks are provided for this children and they are offered opportunities to channel their energy into music, arts and crafts, sports, occupational therapy, reading and language activities.